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Market Research:

what does market research mean to us?
The Olinger Group is a full-service, primary market research firm. We take a customized, consultative approach to our projects. We do not offer pre-packaged solutions. Instead, we bring our experts to the table and work out what is the best research approach for the objectives, timing, and budget.
what is the process?
1. There is a research team behind every project
2. We assign a project manager and have a formal kick-off meeting to align all parties involved
3. We keep clients current with updates and information
4. We have processes and quality control – After all, this drives the end result
5. Our vendors are accountable too – We ensure they align with our processes and quality control
The research process typically involves multiple phases
1. Consulting on the objectives of the studies (what questions need answering)
2. Instrument development (survey design, moderator’s guides, etc.)
3. Instrument programming (for online/telephone surveys to be administered)
4. Data collection (the timeframe for fielding surveys or completing focus groups)
5. Analysis and reporting (through our research department in consultation with our clients)